Jay Marlette

Cancellation Policy
Before continuing with online scheduling, please read the cancellation policy below. You may continue to review my schedule and prices but once you complete a scheduling form and submit it, the cancellation policy is strictly enforced. The reason for this policy is not punitive, rather this policy allows me to set aside several hours for both the inspection and time to write and formulate a very readable and understandable report. Offering such a high standard service for a basic industry standard price means I set an abundance of time aside to assure you get the best service. To cancel is to cause a real loss that I expect to be compensated for.
THERE IS 72-HOUR CANCELLATION POLICY AND A $400 CHARGE FOR CANCELLATIONS. By booking this appointment, whether it is for yourself or on behalf of others, you agree to pay $400 (or more for some services) to the inspector if the appointment is cancelled within 72 hours of the appointment. This policy will be strictly enforced. Cancelled inspections are costly to the home inspector, and in order for this online service to be available, ordered inspections must be honored. It is recommended that inspections not be scheduled unless you are in contract on a property and all parties, including the property owner, are aware of this appointment and the property is accessible. This service is not intended to hold an inspector's time slot while making an offer to shorten an inspection contingency or hold a place in my schedule until your arrangements can be confirmed.